Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Random Events of Life

Have you ever wondered about Random People who came across our life and still who will come..?
Some call it destiny, some call it faith, still some dont know what to call them. Our life keeps on changing as we meet new people, keeps on shaping our world as we come across individuals.

From School to university to work, we meet hundreds and hundreds of people. Some become friends, someone become goodfriends and so one. So how do we define these people in term of Random events.

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Random's Random World

What is a random number? To start with... I am no maths geek but I have always been interested in random number and random theory. For me If I compare life event to random theory.. I will be most probably proved that I am wrong. No one has been able to prove that life event is not random nor life event is set of pre-defined and pre-concieved notion. To start with.. lets look at life.. its consists of birth- life-death. This is basic life-cycle of every living creature.. weather its be human being or insects. But than there are so many events between life and death which can be classifed as random events by some like me and predefined-event by others..

Now who ever are interested in randomness of life events are welcome to comment on it.. provide their thoughts and can make this discussion a way to understand the concept of life....

More to come on the way..

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