Friday, April 25, 2008

Nepotism in Indian Politics

This is one topic that I am sure everyone would love to hate for others but at the sametime would love to do it for themselves. Recently there have been few development in Indian Politics that have forced me to write something about it. I wish I could write something for the paper but no one would give me that opportunity. Anyhow with the advent of the technology, I don't need to depends on these so called free media where anyone can throw their views.

Here are just few incident I am going to highlight but just talk about one or two. Basically they have same effect but in different form and nature. The first one is about being born in a political dynasty (eg. Rahul Gandhi for Prime Minister Post). The second is being minster at various fedral or state government and supporting their kins and family in their trade (TR Baalu). Third one is of particular interest as a Minister having different office at the same time (Sharad Pawer). I am sure there are many more out there in Indian Politics which have more severe effect on the minds of young people that they dont even feel like going near to Politics.

Let me start with Mr. Rahul Gandhi. His biodate at the time of birth made sure that one day he will become Prime Minister of India wheather he is good or bad. Just being born in Gandhi family gives you only that kind of privillage. I sometime wonder that why it not me or million and million of other people who just based on talent, caliber, and passion one day become a Prime Minister. Forget about becoming Prime Minister, you cant even become a minister. you know why.. Because your sirname does not have Gandhi. So many our great minister (Stupid, idiot and self-center) are asking him to become Prime Minister that I dont understand their motives. Are they doing so that their kids and kin one day become minister. May be I am little harsh on them. So what will happen to people like us who wants to serve our country but do not have a backing of politician. No offence to Mr. Rahul, may be he is very able leader but he needs to earn his position just like a common man, if he has sincere belief and motives for the nation.

My second target is Minister like T R Baalu. What in the world he think? Let me first check his education qualification to become a minister. Oh I remember, in Indian Politics all you need to have are few criminal, civil case, few molestation charges, few murders, few roit initiating records and you are all set for the great democracy of the world. I sadly dont have these qualification. Sorry Mr Baalu, what ever reason you are giving, this is just wrong period. But at the sametime, I honest give you credit for accepting it. You are wrong and so are other people. Dont worry you are not single person out there. probably you have the company of everyone out there. You have company of lalu Prasad yadav, Sharad Pawer, Arjun Singh, etc. All the best.

And the list goes on. I have one question. When this is going to stop? Probably I have answer too.. never.

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