Saturday, January 30, 2010

Miss America Contest Judged by a Big Fat Sexist!

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Just when I thought I had heard everything something new comes along!

Rush Limbaugh one of the biggest loud mouths in radio and on the whole planet, was one of seven judges who decided the Miss America Contest winner!

It is getting to be a very strange country! The promoters of the pageant said that Limbaugh brought a thrilling new dimension to the contest. I’ll say he did! Limbaugh is the man who invented the word “Feminazi” ! He used it to describe feminist and even Hillary Clinton! It has been observed in many quarters that women don’t like Limbaugh! Hmmmm. I wonder why?

He got lucky and escaped the arena before one of the 53 contestants cut his testicles off! I wonder how he got away from them!

I wonder how he felt about the acronym of the contest: MAO! Miss American Organization! It sounds like a plug for China! Who knows, maybe they bought it!

It is amazing that the MAO chose Limbaugh! They have been trying for decades to elevate the contest to something loftier than a tits and ass competition and then they selected a judge who thinks those features are the only ones worth noting about womankind!

Just consider the irony of all this!

President Obama wins the Noble Prize.

Rush got to judge a beauty contest.

What did the winner of the Miss America Contest get?

Poor Miss Virginia! Poor Miss America!

She got to watch Rush dancing to Lady Gaga!

Gag me with a backhoe!

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