Thursday, November 09, 2006

Events which shape our world

All right guys. Guess I am back with new topic this time. I have been reading news a lot these days but when ever I want to post a comment they ask for me to sign-up every time. I have lost patience doing this so I thought why not put my thoughts here in my blog…. may be someone would read this and understand the message. Enough of Message Time to write what I think.

I was reading some article about women wearing veil in British Society. Hmmm this issue is one where even the smartest and educated can have debate for 100's of year and still wont be solved.

To begin with my knowledge (I don’t assume I know much about this topic, so if I have made some mistake forgive me and write a comment), the origin of veil can be traced to the Persian Kingdom (present day Iran) where woman voluntarily wear veil as a sign of modesty. When Islam invaded the Persian Kingdom (I don’t want to offend people who follow Islam’s), the Muslims ruler observed woman wearing veil and they liked the idea that woman should follow this custom.

So from here onwards the Muslim world started wearing veil to prevent any stranger looking at woman with lewd intentions.

That was a different world we used to live in and this is a different world. In the old world woman were confined to the homes whereas in the present world woman walk with man together or may even lead them. Bring old culture to new society have always created conflicts.
Old world culture were relevant than and it’s also relevant now but with few changes. As Darwin showed that Human Species has evolved through times.. although million and million of years. The same is true about evolving culture. With time we need to change our view so that we can get best of both world and preserve peace and harmony in the society.

Solution to this issue should be solved at individual level with the person involved.

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