Thursday, October 15, 2009

Billion Dollar invested in new terror cell in Pakistan

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Washington(Spooftimes): U.S. President Barack Obama has signed into law a $7.5 billion terror aid package for Pakistan so that they can keep killing innocent people around the world with same impunity and cruelty.

The White House says the law demonstrates broad support in the United States for Pakistan terror activity, noting the bipartisan, bicameral, unanimous support for the terrorist in passing the bill in Congress.

The White House stated that President Obama has said the U.S. wants to engage Pakistan on terror front so that the basis of a strategic partnership "grounded in support for Pakistan's taliban institutions and the taliban Pakistani people."

It says the act formalizes that partnership, based on a shared commitment to destroy peace around the globes and the lives of Pakistanis through sustainable economic destruction, strengthening theology and ultra-thinking and the rule of jungle with guns and pot, and combating peace-loving people.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

UFO Disguised as C-130 Transport Plane Attempts Two Landing at North Carolina Airport

written by: NickFun

Dare County airport officials were stymied when a UFO resembling a C-130 cargo plane attempted to land at two different Dare County airports on Friday and Sunday afternoons.

“We saw humanoid figures in the plane with the back gate open”, said Wright Brothers National Memorial airport official James McBrick. “Some of them looked so human you almost couldn't tell the difference!”

McBrick described some of the aliens as having slick-back hair, sunglasses, stylin transport clothes and “big bright smiles”.

Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force officials denied they had any C-130 planes in the area at the time of the near touch-and-go landings. “It's probably some of them big eyes gray aliens”, said Air Force Commander Joel Forthright. “We get 'em here all the time. Pain in the ass is what they are!”

The UFO dumped some sort of fluid or strange fuel on the runway as it made its approach costing the airport hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to clean.

“If you're gonna be an alien then be an alien”, Forthright stated. “Stop messing around and pretending you're military. You're not fooling anybody!”

Wright Brothers Memorial spokespeople said that military aircraft are not allowed on the airport runways but they have not yet established a policy for alien visitors.

Dare County Airport officials say even aliens from distant planets must have proper passports and ground clearance to land at the runway.

If we see them again we will call INS”, said Dale County Airport official Jake Migrant.

*This story is based on an actual news event. Stay tuned!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weapon of Mass Destruction

The hunt for infamous “WMD” is still going on around the world since IRAQ war ended some 25 million year ago. Even “George Bush” Ghost who coined the term in 21st century is still looking for the WMD.

A curious visitor accidentally came face-to-face with Ghost Bush during one such trip in IRAQ.When the visitor accidentally revealed that he is reporter, Ghost Bush begged him to write his version of the story so that he can sleep in peace in hell.

Bush explained to the reporter that during one such trip to hell, he came across Saddam Hussein, whom he had dethroned from IRAQ for having WMD. Saddam won’t let him pass across the hell as he was insisting that Bush had WMD.

Bush gave a detail account of his life in hell to this reporter and how he badly he been treated for last 25 million in this hell. He narrated his miserly life and all the jokes going around him and his friends for his actions.

One of the jokes is that if you want to kill someone press Cheney for the bomb. Dick has been lying in the corner and his heart has been burning like oven at the “Papa Jones.”

Bush has been also tortured by the spelling Bee Competitor whenever Bush is around them. Once Bush was asked to spell “America”,and he spelled “Iamrica.” Since then he has become the hunting dog for these Bee kids.

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New technology developed by Indian Police

New Delhi (AP). This is the first time that India has been ranked first in something it was looking forward to. Indian Police have make India proud by becoming the first Police Agency in the world to do something which other Agency has only dream of.

Indian Police have developed a new technology where they can lock-up a people before he/she can commit a crime. Taking a cue from the famous Hollywood movie, Minority Report, the police have developed a technology similar to the one shown in the movies.

In this case, the new technology is that people have to do some public display of personal life etc. In a patent technology, they booked a famous actor for asking his wife to unbutton him on the ramp. Since then, he has been kept in prison for life imprisonment citing that if he is released from prison, he is going to do the same and will harm the society.

They have also developed a new technology which is already patented, where they themselves submit to a new height of achievements.

A case study of this technology is just a simple generalization of this technology. However, I have been told not to reveal the secret of this technology.

Under this technology, if there is growing pressure from the public to nab the criminals or the mafia, they will simply get hold of poor people and shoot them in encounter to show the public that they have achieved the result in no time.

I have been reprimanded not to cite any evidence for this case.

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17 year old Girl Flogs back the Taliban in Public

In a dramatic development in SWAT Valley, the 17-year old girl who was last seen in the video has revealed that with help of few women, they have been able to return the favor the Taliban had meted to her in public few days back.

She not only confronted those Taliban with the help of these women, but with their help, were able to give justice to themselves in the way she was handed. These women captured the three Taliban seen in the video and dragged them to the Square area of the main city. They were forced to undress and were hanged from the tree upside down. Then these women called out all the women out from their respective homes and were asked to flog them.

Unable to bear this public humiliation, these Taliban have committed suicide. In the short note they wrote that there were ashamed to show their covered face in public after being humiliated by these women.

However, the leader of the Taliban group has denied this report. They have suggested that some foreign element is bend over to malign them in public.

Supporting there case, some of the TV channel came out in support of the Taliban. "some actually took the line that the video that showed the girl being flogged was "cooked up" somewhere outside Pakistan and released through a lackey NGO to sabotage the peace in Swat.

And to add to this "the people supporting women were roundly abused. One of them even asked "How could she have walked away after the flogging?" The suppressed desire was that the flogging should have been tougher."

However, the girl have promised that from now on they will be the one who will be flogging men in public who tries to misbehave with women.

"Holy shit she flogged me"

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Three men arrested for Blowing up Firefly in Denver by FBI

US: As the news spread that there has been a terrorist attack at the Federal Building in Denver,panic spread among the local population. The people started looking toward sky to see if there was any plane coming their way. But luckily for the people, there was no such plane.

On getting the information, FBI, the home agency for Homeland Security swung into action to trace the source of this terrorist activity. They assumed that this terrorist action must have been planned in either Afghanistan or Pakistan. But as always happens with the FBI, they were wrong this time too.

Upon investigation, they found out that three local youth were responsible for this incident. The FBI arrested a 24-year-old Colorado man on charges of making false statements to federal agents in this terror investigation, and for providing false documents to receive training and weapon from al-Qaida in Pakistan.

Najibullah Zazi of the Denver suburb of Aurora was arrested late Saturday after undergoing three month of questioning by the FBI. Zazi, who happens to be of Afghan origin is legal permanent resident and will be prosecuted for blowing up firefly in the sky.

Also in this investigation, were Zazi’s father was also arrested along with one of their friend from NYC.

All this happened because Zazi made a trip from Denver to NYC in a rental car. FBI source informed that whenever someone makes such a long trip, criss-crossing America in rental car, they come under their firefly net of investigation. During search, Zazi’s car, firefly spray and other insecticide were also searched.

At the time of reporting, FBI is keeping everything close to their chest and not revealing anything to the media.

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Bushy Bushy win Nobel for WMB

Stockholm: US Bring another Laurel to the Country! Ex US President Bushy Bushy has been conferred with NOBEL PRIZE FOR WMD at Stockholm along with other Nobel Prizes. From this year onwards, Nobel WMD Prize is being constituted to encourage mainstream people to develop new Weapons which can kill million of people across the world in second.

Bushy Bushy has been chosen by a Jury of eminent WMD ring leader and think-tanks in this Industry such as Kim of South Korea, Saddam of Iraq, President from Iran, Pakistan, Libya etc.

Bushy Bushy in his acceptance speech thanked the WMD leader and promised that if he is re-elected as President of United State, he would develop more such weapon and destroy every human being from the face of earth.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Global Incident Map

Did you guys know that there is a global incident map which track incident at global level. I was surprised to find this map. But anyway the data on the map is delayed by 24-48 hour for free edition but you can get better information if you are in the business.

But what is interesting to observe that most of the incident are confined to South Asia, Middle-east and US. Though the nature of incident varies in all these place, but it reveal an interesting observation.

Well I am no incident expert but you should be able to find information about each incident if you log into their system.

Just wanted to share this discovery

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

To All Those Pro-Life Supporter: Killing someone for your cause doesn't make you Saint

First of all, by killing someone in the name of Pro-Life, You people did just the damage you never wanted in the first place. Let me first take a stand. I am Pro-Choice. So why did people who are Pro-life took someone else life? This is question which they will never be able to answer with sincerity.

There is vast difference between Pro-Choice and Pro-Life. Pro-Choice doesn't mean that you want to go and kill some unborn child, just because you are Pro-choice. For Pro-Choice people, making decision about their unborn child is as important as for Pro-life people about theirs. It is very important to understand the situation and background behind taking a decision .

Just that you don't accept someone choice, you don't have the right to kill someone. If you want to fight abortion, fight it legally. Go to the Congress and make your voice heard. But you simply cannot kill someone just because he is providing service to the society.

Let me give you account of what women have tried in the past and are still trying to do. This come from a woman name Susan D. Wyndham who wrote to [Here] explaining what she think Pro-Life people should do.


Did you know that women died? Did you see the woman infested with maggots, right before she died? Or the girl who almost died because she used a coat hanger and knitting needles, or who threw herself down the stairs?

If you care about the life of an unborn child, take the expectant mother into your home, even if she is a drug addict or alcohol abuser.

Take care of her, make sure she goes to all her prenatal appointments.

Be there for her through her labor and delivery. Adopt the child no matter what medical conditions he or she is born with.

Raise the child for the next 18 years, even if you have to take him or her to a mental health therapist and pay for medications."

I totally agree with her view. Just that I want to add something more to this. Have you seen 9 kids in a poor family growing with limited mean, going empty stomach for days, just because they parent's cannot afford food.

Go to African countries, see how children suffer. If you care for life, go and protest in these African countries, go and do some work for them. But don't kill someone just because you don't agree with him or her.

let me ask you this question. Who ever killed Dr. Tiller, I am sure, this man must have been influenced by someone. How can you Pro-Life people provke someone to go and kill. No matter what you want to say, I and the world think that you people should be punished in same as the killer. A man in 60's cannot become insane on his own and go and shoot someone in Church. We need to criticize people for doing so.

Whatever your views is. Just be sensible Human Being.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Indian: What is the color of your skin

Recently I have been reading news about the attack on the Indian student in Australia. I followed these news with lot of passion and zeal. These action are very much deplorable and indeed shame on the people who are doing this but this also bring us to a question on the other side of the coin. Is the Indian society free of racism? Are Indian the most tolerant in the world? A definite "No." And Here are my reasons why Indian are the most racist of all the race.

The first and foremost question asked in an Indian marriage is the color of bride skin. Does this line sound familiar to you: Need a fair skin bride for my son or looking for milky-white girl for myself. This is one example where Indian show racism in subtle form. Don't look beyond your next door. You will find smell of racism in your family. Accept it or not it does exist in one form or the other.

The second kind of racism that exist in Indian society is in the form of North India -south Indian-Bihari- UPwallas-Marthi-Ghathi-Bengali-etc. This list will never stop. Don't you think this is racism? The recent North Indian vs Marathi incident just show that how prevalent this whole thing is in India. Did any news paper or TV channel asked if this was not racism than what it was.

The third is the caste based racism. People belonging to lower class are not allowed to go place of worship. They are not allowed to enter certain part of the village. They are not allowed to work in the field. They are not allowed to change their profession. What is this if it is not racism?

Next is the Government playing caste (or racism) card to win election. Want example: Look no further than Mayawati in UP. What she is doing? Instead of building society, she is dividing the society and thinking of becoming PM. On the other side the Fedral government or Central govt is implementing reservation based on the caste. Doesn't Indian govt promoting racism? What is happening to bright student who are not able to get admission in school or university. They are forced to go out of India to get education and suffer racism in the respective country.

Want further proof? Police will go to lower caste people and will rape their women knowing that nothing will happen to them. If they go to register complaint against these policemen, they will be again raped at the police station.

What more you want? Do you guts to standup and fight with Indian society, if not then don't complain. First look inside yourself and know if you are racist or not.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Building Blog Traffic

I am new to the blogging community. I just joined for the sake of friend who would keep pestering me about their blogsite and its content. They would force me to go and visit their blogsite once in awhile (I agree, I never told them that they forced me, otherwise I would have been crucified the next day, may be my boss would have fired me when he would come to know that I don’t visit his blog site regularly). Ok enough of anecdote and I want to confess that once I started writing my own Blogs on Random topic, I have started enjoying it. So what the next phase of the Blog. That brings me to the next topic.

What should I write so that I can enjoy and my unknown reader enjoy too. Would I be interested in writing about war and my reader would be craving for peace. Well I can write about war but it will only me who will be reading the blog (rest assured, they will be ditching me next moment). So this brings us to a very important thing. The content of the blog. In my view, content is the most important thing to keep the reader coming back to you. Remember watch LOTR over and over again because the content of the moving and story telling was most fascinating. Other example I can give you is about Harry Potter book. Why do people stand in long queue so that they can grab first peace of the book? It’s the content of the material. So number 1 goes to the content of the blog.

Virtually you have to write something that interest most of the targeted audience. Your audience may range from 10-year kid to 80-year grandpa. So you have to keep their interest in your blog alive. Another thing about content is that you have to worry about time-frame. Why Shakespeare is still read in 21st or 22nd century? What ever he wrote is timeless. His content surpasses time-frame with ease. I don’t want to say that everyone become Shakespeare (or they could if they had the capabilities), but what I am trying to say is that write something which can be still relevant say 30 year from now (when I am 70 year old, if I am alive).

The second most important criteria is the original content. In the world of electronic media, it is very easy to copy from somewhere and put things in your or mine blog. As a starter, it sounds very easy and may be you will be able to bring some reader to your blog. But if you look within self, I am sure you will know the answer. I am not even going to there to answer for you but many of us can do it. If you like someone content, copy the main idea, paraphrase them and write on your blog with a definitely reference to the original source. Remember writing master theses in school and mentioning reference for their work.

So write something of your idea. Let me honest with you, even this article, the one you are reading write know is not my idea, I searched on the google how to build traffic for blog, read a lot about them, but I was never happy or content with their entire thing, so I decided to write my own ethic code. I call these as ethic code. Now coming back to topic, what should I write about? Almost everything is written by someone. Nothing is left for me. How should I do? Let me tell you that there are many things you can still write about. Perhaps try to write your experience reading Harry Potter or following someone on twitter or better you can write about how you lost money listening to someone on CNBC (I won’t name him as he is more famous than me). So virtually the list is endless and you will be winner one day. So the number 2 position goes to content of the blog.

Understand that your readers are just like you and me. I was not a good reader in school and I used bunk the class or just dozed in the last bench. Now the role has reversed, you are the book and your readers are student. So what you are going to write that your readers don’t fall off or go away to some other green pasture. Write something which interests your targeted audience. Don’t treat you audience like a computer machine or a scanner. Treat them as human and you will be reward. Sometime follow some unconventional method of telling things to your reader. May be follow your heart to tell what you think about something. No one is going to come and kill you. Just mention at the bottom of the blog that this is your thought and no one should get influenced by it (just to cover your skin). Have a feeling in your word. Write few and small but write something which make your reader to come again and again to your blog to see what happened next. May be try to write a story online. But the bottom line is that your reader should be able to associate with you.

The thing I have always looked at someone blog is to try find out who is the person behind those words. Try to keep your reader informed about who you are and why you like writing blog and what are you trying to do with your blog (Are you trying to change the world or are you trying to make career by writing blog. The fans or the blog reader are your real customer. So try to be clean with your customer. Tell them a short story about yourself, who you are, what you do and what are things that interest you. It’s always good to know about someone whom I like to read. I try to associate myself with the author as much as possible so that I can get a sense of belongingness.

There are two type of blog, one is professional and the other is personal. If you have read this thing, what do you feel about it? Definitely it is not professional blog, it is more of personal. Even most the sentence structured would be not able to pass the word processing of correct English. So who cares? I write with my heart out. So if my readers like it, he will ask me to keep this thing like this. So take your plunge and start pouring in your thoughts and let me know. Post your blogsite the comment section and I will come and read it. Or better email me.

© Lost in Random World

My email id is

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oh Iran!!!!! What have you done

To the People of Iran,

After keeping silent for so many days, I am finally waking up to write something for you, my fellow Iranian citizen. I can feel sense of betrayal in you, I can feel the saddened faces all around me. Even though I am not present among you, I feel the pain in you.

After silently suffering at the hand of your Government, I can tell you one thing, that atleast you are standing for your right. People sitting across the world far away from you feel the shallow pain, but my friend, the pain and suffering you are feeling is beyond imagination. When something dear to me was taken away, I feel the same pain in you. But here I come to say that I am one for you, no matter what happen, I will keep supporting you for your free right. Your right to choose government and your right to run your country.

After seeing the blood on the street, the gun shot heard in the air, women beaten in prison, people waving for their vote, I can feel the sense of dejectedness in you. But don't worry friend, True revolution don't come easy. It come's with the scarfies. And you are making your scarifies in rightfull way.

Remember Gandhi. He was thrown out of the train in South Africa just because he was not white nor he was black. But what he started a was a peacefull protest which shook the entire world, and is still challenging people.

When I see those mass faces on the street of Tehran, I see mass ready to walk for their blief. When I see those green color, the symbol of your faith in democracy, I see bright future.

With Love and Respect to the People of Iran.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Extortion or Legal Terrorism? RIAA Trial is egg in your face

I do know that there are certain things which should not be done like downloading music illegally but it is easier said than done. What if you are caught downloading music say 22 songs which you could have bought it for 30$ but decided that it was easy to download than go and spend 30$ on something called music.

The download hurt the music industry and artist in particular. Agreed. But what about the extortionist method of charging 5$ for a piece of 1 cents. Doesn't it come under extortion? Where is the law protecting common man in this case. I guess no one even approached for this matter.

So a poor lady caught downloading 22 songs was fined to pay $2 million fee. Under the Copyright Act, juries can award damages of up to $150,000 per pilfered track. About $3,500 was the average payment in the thousands of RIAA cases that settled out of court.

So do you wanna know $2 million playlist? here they are
  • Guns N Roses "Welcome to the Jungle"; "November Rain"
  • Vanessa Williams "Save the Best for Last"
  • Janet Jackson "Let’s What Awhile"
  • Gloria Estefan "Here We Are"; "Coming Out of the Heart"; "Rhythm is Gonna Get You"
  • Goo Goo Dolls "Iris"
  • Journey "Faithfully"; "Don’t Stop Believing"
  • Sara McLachlan "Possession"; "Building a Mystery"
  • Aerosmith "Cryin’"
  • Linkin Park "One Step Closer"
  • Def Leppard "Pour Some Sugar on Me"
  • Reba McEntire "One Honest Heart"
  • Bryan Adams "Somebody"
  • No Doubt "Bathwater"; "Hella Good"; "Different People"
  • Sheryl Crow "Run Baby Run"
  • Richard Marx "Now and Forever"
  • Destiny’s Child "Bills, Bills, Bills"
  • Green Day "Basket Case"
I don't what will happen to people out there downloading music at the moment but I am sure there will be few more determined people to rob these music terrorist company in future.

My advise: Welcome to Jungle

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

People living on the edge.

This is borrowed life: I want to give back

How many of you have heard that someone live on borrowed money and building a palace and fortifying with arms and guards? Probably few as this world is full of enigma and confusion. How many of you, given an opportunity of aid, will be ready to build a better future for yourself and your family need. Probably everyone except few.

So who are these "Probably Few" people. In simple term, they are the people who are willing to burn their own house to collect aid or dole. For what? for nothing. They think that by collecting these doles, they will be able to live in peace with the same neighbor whose house they have burned down, killed their sole bread-earner. For they think that this is the right way to protect the interest of few over million people. These million people are killed everyday.

These people are made to suffer for their basic needs. A house, two-meal of bread and clothes to cover their semi-nude body. They are made to stand in long line to collect water. They are made to stand in line even for getting basic medical care. Worse, they are sometime made to deliver babies on road-side. This was not in their destiny. God (whatever name you give to him) never thought that his creation would have to suffer so much in his own name. One wonder what those aid are doing then?

These aid are building palaces, luxury apartment, billion-dollar army, killing innocent people and what not else. They are doing everything except the right thing. What a living example would be people living in Swat province of Pakistan. They have been forced to flee their home, their daughter are being kidnapped to marry those mercenaries, their kids are being driven out of school so that they cannot become educated and understand true message of Allah (or God).

This is not just in Pakistan, there are many more place out their where you can replicated the same thing. Do you get the same feeling when you see the slums of India, poverty in Bangladesh, Somalia, Chad, Zimbabwe.

How would you change the world? I started by writing about it. What about you.

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Thursday, June 04, 2009

How to Kill a Mocking Bird

How to Kill a Mocking Bird? Have you ever read that classical book? No I haven't but guess what atleast I have heard about it. And then this happened. I was watching this video on youtube and thought of sharing with you guys. So here's my take of killing a mocking bird.

1 Play cricket with bat and ball not with the insects!!!!.

2. Hit the ball to the boundry and ask someone to throw.

3. And if there is a bird between you and the fielder, he/she will be killed.

Simple. Isn't it.

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Chinese find a way to talk about Tiananmen and Communist

Due to its dictator and communist, the Chinese Govt. have blocked site which even mention about T-word. The Chinese govt is so scared of the T-word that they start to shiver in fear by the very mention of people talking about it.

To demonstrate it power over the poor and helpless people, the govt of China has even blocked website, cell-phone based SMS, etc. You can imagine that they are so scared that Chinese govt are proposing mark T-day as day of silence in China. On this day, the govt are planning that no one will speak to each other and will keep quite.

The benefit of this silence days are many folds: control noise pollution, save energy, maintain peace, and most important keep people quite on T-event.

How ever, the Chinese have already found a way to spread and talk about T-word. They have devised sign language for Tienanmen Square event and have already educated mass on how to communicate on the D-day.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Junior Bush Won Spelling Bee Championship

Junior Bush, appearing among the contestant for the Spelling Bee Championship at Washington DC where he spend most of his time learning spelling at White House proudly appeared at the competition.

Relaxing age limit for Junior Bush, as a special child with disabilities, he showed the world that he can compete among the best kid in the nation.

In his final word of the competition, he was asked to spell WMD, and he spelled out as Wepon of Mas Destrction, thus winning the championship defeating Kavya Shivshankar, 13 year old from Old Kanas.

Since the news of Junior Bush winning the competition, Congratulation message has been coming from all over the world.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Taliban trap Pakistan with 72 virgin promise

Taliban promise of Virgin

Guys, I am dead serious about the above statement. Make no mistake in judging it. It’s just a matter of time and the form in which Taliban will appear in Islamabad. Going by the history of Pakistan- from the concept of creation to the surrender in hand of Taliban, it was just a matter of time. When and How?

Consider few facts: 1. Pakistan was created by people who thought of Islam in their mind and of no other religion in site and their co-existence together. 2. The Mass migration of people based on faith, leaving behind a history, tradition, culture, wealth, and feeling. 3. The rise of religious-fanatics in the army, so-called the Taliban of 80’s to fight Russian. And 4th the idea that they can govern their land with the crocked Stone-Age rules where they believe that man can only rule that land.

Now, with the deal, they had with the government of Pakistan, they have virtually won a major battle to rule the land with Islamic Law which only these illiterate Mullahs can understand and explain. Sometime people wonder how come the educated people surrender to them in the first place. Anyway, with Swat and surrounding area, under control, they are already moving to other part to implement their version of government and law.

But the biggest surprise of all is the Taliban are already in Islamabad. People are now discovering that the most of the army personal, who are in some form have very much similar ideas to Taliban, are already on the street of capital. They are just waiting for their commander to show up in few hours and declare their allegiance to them.

At the time of writing this, Islamabad was reported to over run by the Taliban and is waiting find their first target to nuke in a sign to show solidarity with the Seventy-two virgin waiting in heaven. You may remember that Taliban had promised that those who give life for their cause will be rewarded with Seventy-two unwed, untouched virgin.

The irony is that when those people who turned up at the gate of heaven as they were promised, they are turned to hell where they are punished with 72 deaths.

This is Spoof

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Scientists claim to have found training code of Taliban civilization

Taliban Clam to decipher the code of terror in ancient language

The center of gravity has been shifting from Middle East to Afghanistan-Pakistan. But they never realized that they have to shift so soon to the Indus Valley Civilization also known as Taliban Civilization. Scientist and security expert has been wondering for the recent increase in the terrorist activity around the world but couldn't find the answer till now. But that is going to change.

Recently some Taliban scholars who were given an opportunity to find out their source of inspiration for terror activity discovered that their method of terror activity where prescribed in ancient tablet of 4500 BC. Elaborate symbols were drawn and all the existing knowledge at that time was preserved so that the knowledge could be passed on the new generation.

The sudden increase in the terror activities around the globe and particularly in Pakistan testify that the code has been discovered and deciphered. The Taliban are so delighted with this discovery that they have increased their terror activity to show the world that this is real deal and just not a fake event.

The US government which funded this excavation trip are now crushing themselves for funding this project. In the late 1980's when the Russian were trying to bury the site so that they can never unearth these secret code, the Charlie Wilson, the hero of this project made it a personal goal to help the Taliban to uncover these secret code and thus defeat the Russian.

But US never released that the terror project, they were funding one day would come to their own door-step and would harm them. Anyway, the US government has awakened and they are taking care that the recent finding of codes are not passed on to the people in large.

The discovery of ancient objects belonging to the Taliban has split the scholarly community, with some claiming the symbols form a primitive language of terror and torture and others arguing they are simply pictograms of torture manual long been used in secret prison around the world.

The story above is a satire or parody.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Prisoners Threaten hunger and prison break strike over cricket on TV

No cricket for the prisoner

CALCUTTA, India: Prisoners in Calcutta's main prison Eden Garden went on a long food-water strike in an effort to force authorities to allow them to watch cricket on TV. Nearly 50,000 of the jail's 100,000 prisoners skipped lunch and dinner Sunday, demanding to see Indian Premier League matches live on the giant LCD screen.

The prisoners' demand was turned down because "the rules of the Eden Prison do not allow them to watch Cheer Leader during the game. The authority conceded that had it been on the national TV, they would have let them watch the game. But since its being broadcast on cable, and because they are serving punishment, they should be deprived of watch blonde and sexy cheer leader according to the state general of West Bengal state's correctional services.

The state general stated informed that they can hear radio and read newspapers, but cannot view private channels. However, when the spoof reporter contacted one of most dreaded prisoner, he informed that he can do what ever he want, even he can call his crime-partner from cell phone, watch Hollywood movies and if he feels like, he can even invite dancer to his cell. When question was put to the authorities, they declined.

The event cannot be hosted in India due to security concern over election. Though South Africa is having their own national election, the government in India declined to host the event. They sited that cricket are high-value target and as result, cannot provide full proof security during election time. So the organizer has to move the event to South Africa. Privately, the Indian Politician confesses that they did this to deprive those entire prisoner from watching game live.

The story above is a satire or parody.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Slumdog Oscar Star for Sale: Bid Your Price

Slumdog Millionaire child star Rubina Ali is for Sale: Father Wants to become millionaire.

Mumbai (India): In a bid to become millionaires, Rafiq Qureshi put Slumdog child actor Rubina for auction and the based price has been reserved at $400,000. According to one paper who was interested in buying her, they send a secret agent to negotiate a better price.

When the people asked for reasons to sell her star-studded daughter, he blamed the famous Hollywood for letting him rot in slums while adopting his daughter.

He has been trying to sell her ever since she has returned from LA. First he tried to sale her to Hollywood itself but they refused. Later on, her father tried to sell to a middle-eastern family who fall in love with her after seeing her in the film.

However, till the writing of this news, her father has not been able to find someone who can afford to buy her daughter.

This is spoof

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Taliban New Fatwa: Susan Boyle cannot Sing

Swat (Pakistan): Fearing a rise in the interest of women venturing out to sing after Susan Boyle inspirational achievement, the Taliban for the first time have been threatened. They have issued a fatwa banning her to sing ever in life.

Recently they been blowing girl's school in the restive Swat area of Pakistan. Facing growing anger from the women for banning girl's education, women public out-going, marrying non-taliban groom, this time they are up against women who have been inspired by Susan Boyle.

(Remember these Taliban are not even scared of US or Pakistan army)

Recently Susan Boyle have inspired million of women and men of middle age to rise against themselves and fight for their dream. This fight for dream has threaten Taliban to such a great extent that they have issued Fatwa to ban Susan to sing. According to Fatwa code, which can only be understand by these illiterate people, Susan is prohibited to sing even in dreams.

The Taliban have been scared so much so that they are not even talking about her even in their secret meeting. They fear that their mind will be corrupted by Susan courage to defy against all odds and hardship.

When contacted by Press, Susan told the press that she has indeed receive the letter but since can't read what is written their, she is not bound to follow those instruction.

(Remember, the schools were destroyed by them, so how could Susan read)

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Pakistan and Hell signed a deal of equal opportunity in terrorism

Pakistan and its new treaty with Hell

Pakistan and Hell, the two most volatile region have for the first time signed an agreement for equal opportunity and terrorism. Frustrated at United Nation and Western and Eastern World, Pakistan decided to join hand with Hell to jointly spread terrorism.

Pakistan for long time have been looking at various countries for signing deal. They have been disappointed for sometime lately. Most of the countries are shying away from Pakistan in recent past because of it recent activities. Countries such as China, North Korea, Iran, Middle East countries, the Arab World are slowly turning their back on her. Given such situation, Pakistan had no option but to negotiate with Hell.

The recent increase in the terrorist activities in Pakistan such as Lahore Attack (Sri Lankan Cricket team, and Training Center), SWAT Valley daily killing, Flogging of the girls in public, killing leaders, blowing kids and women, bombing mosque, etc are result of this bilateral cooperation between them and hell. All the dead evil from last 20 century have been assisting Pakistani taliban in blowing things around them so that they can turned their country in another hell on the hell which can be located easily.

Some of the highlights of negotiated term of this treaties are to kill all innocent people who believe in peace and equal opportunity for men and women, destroy every school which impart education to girls, kill all those women who venture out of home with any men beside various other regular activities.

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Monday, April 06, 2009

Indian Politician to be honored with Doctorate Degree for personal abuse

Ancient India: In the capital of Ancient India, Patliputra, which is considered to be the seat of most famous modern city, a new doctorate thesis has been defended by current ex-Chief Minister of Bihar. Her Doctoral thesis topic was "How low and personal should people go in attacking opposition leader from rival kingdom."

Few years earlier during her enrollment to the Political University of India, Mrs. Rabri Devi, who was till then most illiterate and uneducated, highly resourceful person in the kingdom, had presented her thesis topic and vowed to defend her doctoral thesis by the time she was ready to graduate from the University.

In a setting environment of the Political theatre of the University, she has right fully explained her thesis topic "How low and personal should people go in attacking opposition leader from rival kingdom." In her defense, she not only targets her political rivals but also judiciary establishment. She told the panel of judge, how she can attack her political rival at the time of opposition (Only when the person is in opposition party) below the belt.

Considering the fact the she hardly used to say anything at the time of entrance to the University, the faculties' members were highly impressed with her achievement. In recognition of her achievement, the University has awarded her Doctorate Degree.

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17 year old Girl Flogs back the Taliban in Public

Girl have promised to make taliban wear the bikini and flogg them in public

In a dramatic development in SWAT Valley, the 17-year old girl who was last seen in the video has revealed that with help of few women, they have been able to return the favor the Taliban had meted to her in public few days back.

She not only confronted those Taliban with the help of these women, but with their help, were able to give justice to themselves in the way she was handed. These women captured the three Taliban seen in the video and dragged them to the Square area of the main city. They were forced to undress and were hanged from the tree upside down. Then these women called out all the women out from their respective homes and were asked to flog them.

Unable to bear this public humiliation, these Taliban have committed suicide. In the short note they wrote that there were ashamed to show their covered face in public after being humiliated by these women.

However, the leader of the Taliban group has denied this report. They have suggested that some foreign element is bend over to malign them in public.

Supporting there case, some of the TV channel came out in support of the Taliban. "some actually took the line that the video that showed the girl being flogged was "cooked up" somewhere outside Pakistan and released through a lackey NGO to sabotage the peace in Swat.

And to add to this "the people supporting women were roundly abused. One of them even asked "How could she have walked away after the flogging?" The suppressed desire was that the flogging should have been tougher."

However, the girl have promised that from now on they will be the one who will be flogging men in public who tries to misbehave with women.

"Holy shit she flogged me"

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pakistan awarded World Heritage country

United Nation (NY)
On 31st March, the United Nation has selected Pakistan as the world first World Heritage Nation. In a glowing ceremony held at United Nation Head Quater in New York, the UNO chief Osama Bin Laden has conferred this award to Pakistan.

In a short message on its website, UNO has stated that Pakistan is the birthplace of all Jihadi movement taking place in different part of the world. Also he mentioned that Pakistan is the only country which give highest civilian award to their terrorist.

However, many countries have opposed this move of United Nation in announcing unilaterally about Pakistan. These countries have contended that they should have looked at some other countries too, for example Iran, North Korea, and probably Libya.

A spokewoman from Iran has denied the report that Iran ever considered for this prestigious award. But she relented that would Iran have considered for this award, they would have definitely challenged Pakistan.

US representative at United Nation was quick in disassociating US from this controversy. The representative promised that they would go to United Nation Security Council for an emergency voting. Rest of the world is waiting for the outcome of this meeting.

This is a fictional work

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