Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pakistan awarded World Heritage country

United Nation (NY)
On 31st March, the United Nation has selected Pakistan as the world first World Heritage Nation. In a glowing ceremony held at United Nation Head Quater in New York, the UNO chief Osama Bin Laden has conferred this award to Pakistan.

In a short message on its website, UNO has stated that Pakistan is the birthplace of all Jihadi movement taking place in different part of the world. Also he mentioned that Pakistan is the only country which give highest civilian award to their terrorist.

However, many countries have opposed this move of United Nation in announcing unilaterally about Pakistan. These countries have contended that they should have looked at some other countries too, for example Iran, North Korea, and probably Libya.

A spokewoman from Iran has denied the report that Iran ever considered for this prestigious award. But she relented that would Iran have considered for this award, they would have definitely challenged Pakistan.

US representative at United Nation was quick in disassociating US from this controversy. The representative promised that they would go to United Nation Security Council for an emergency voting. Rest of the world is waiting for the outcome of this meeting.

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