Thursday, October 15, 2009

Billion Dollar invested in new terror cell in Pakistan

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Washington(Spooftimes): U.S. President Barack Obama has signed into law a $7.5 billion terror aid package for Pakistan so that they can keep killing innocent people around the world with same impunity and cruelty.

The White House says the law demonstrates broad support in the United States for Pakistan terror activity, noting the bipartisan, bicameral, unanimous support for the terrorist in passing the bill in Congress.

The White House stated that President Obama has said the U.S. wants to engage Pakistan on terror front so that the basis of a strategic partnership "grounded in support for Pakistan's taliban institutions and the taliban Pakistani people."

It says the act formalizes that partnership, based on a shared commitment to destroy peace around the globes and the lives of Pakistanis through sustainable economic destruction, strengthening theology and ultra-thinking and the rule of jungle with guns and pot, and combating peace-loving people.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

UFO Disguised as C-130 Transport Plane Attempts Two Landing at North Carolina Airport

written by: NickFun

Dare County airport officials were stymied when a UFO resembling a C-130 cargo plane attempted to land at two different Dare County airports on Friday and Sunday afternoons.

“We saw humanoid figures in the plane with the back gate open”, said Wright Brothers National Memorial airport official James McBrick. “Some of them looked so human you almost couldn't tell the difference!”

McBrick described some of the aliens as having slick-back hair, sunglasses, stylin transport clothes and “big bright smiles”.

Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force officials denied they had any C-130 planes in the area at the time of the near touch-and-go landings. “It's probably some of them big eyes gray aliens”, said Air Force Commander Joel Forthright. “We get 'em here all the time. Pain in the ass is what they are!”

The UFO dumped some sort of fluid or strange fuel on the runway as it made its approach costing the airport hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to clean.

“If you're gonna be an alien then be an alien”, Forthright stated. “Stop messing around and pretending you're military. You're not fooling anybody!”

Wright Brothers Memorial spokespeople said that military aircraft are not allowed on the airport runways but they have not yet established a policy for alien visitors.

Dare County Airport officials say even aliens from distant planets must have proper passports and ground clearance to land at the runway.

If we see them again we will call INS”, said Dale County Airport official Jake Migrant.

*This story is based on an actual news event. Stay tuned!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weapon of Mass Destruction

The hunt for infamous “WMD” is still going on around the world since IRAQ war ended some 25 million year ago. Even “George Bush” Ghost who coined the term in 21st century is still looking for the WMD.

A curious visitor accidentally came face-to-face with Ghost Bush during one such trip in IRAQ.When the visitor accidentally revealed that he is reporter, Ghost Bush begged him to write his version of the story so that he can sleep in peace in hell.

Bush explained to the reporter that during one such trip to hell, he came across Saddam Hussein, whom he had dethroned from IRAQ for having WMD. Saddam won’t let him pass across the hell as he was insisting that Bush had WMD.

Bush gave a detail account of his life in hell to this reporter and how he badly he been treated for last 25 million in this hell. He narrated his miserly life and all the jokes going around him and his friends for his actions.

One of the jokes is that if you want to kill someone press Cheney for the bomb. Dick has been lying in the corner and his heart has been burning like oven at the “Papa Jones.”

Bush has been also tortured by the spelling Bee Competitor whenever Bush is around them. Once Bush was asked to spell “America”,and he spelled “Iamrica.” Since then he has become the hunting dog for these Bee kids.

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New technology developed by Indian Police

New Delhi (AP). This is the first time that India has been ranked first in something it was looking forward to. Indian Police have make India proud by becoming the first Police Agency in the world to do something which other Agency has only dream of.

Indian Police have developed a new technology where they can lock-up a people before he/she can commit a crime. Taking a cue from the famous Hollywood movie, Minority Report, the police have developed a technology similar to the one shown in the movies.

In this case, the new technology is that people have to do some public display of personal life etc. In a patent technology, they booked a famous actor for asking his wife to unbutton him on the ramp. Since then, he has been kept in prison for life imprisonment citing that if he is released from prison, he is going to do the same and will harm the society.

They have also developed a new technology which is already patented, where they themselves submit to a new height of achievements.

A case study of this technology is just a simple generalization of this technology. However, I have been told not to reveal the secret of this technology.

Under this technology, if there is growing pressure from the public to nab the criminals or the mafia, they will simply get hold of poor people and shoot them in encounter to show the public that they have achieved the result in no time.

I have been reprimanded not to cite any evidence for this case.

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17 year old Girl Flogs back the Taliban in Public

In a dramatic development in SWAT Valley, the 17-year old girl who was last seen in the video has revealed that with help of few women, they have been able to return the favor the Taliban had meted to her in public few days back.

She not only confronted those Taliban with the help of these women, but with their help, were able to give justice to themselves in the way she was handed. These women captured the three Taliban seen in the video and dragged them to the Square area of the main city. They were forced to undress and were hanged from the tree upside down. Then these women called out all the women out from their respective homes and were asked to flog them.

Unable to bear this public humiliation, these Taliban have committed suicide. In the short note they wrote that there were ashamed to show their covered face in public after being humiliated by these women.

However, the leader of the Taliban group has denied this report. They have suggested that some foreign element is bend over to malign them in public.

Supporting there case, some of the TV channel came out in support of the Taliban. "some actually took the line that the video that showed the girl being flogged was "cooked up" somewhere outside Pakistan and released through a lackey NGO to sabotage the peace in Swat.

And to add to this "the people supporting women were roundly abused. One of them even asked "How could she have walked away after the flogging?" The suppressed desire was that the flogging should have been tougher."

However, the girl have promised that from now on they will be the one who will be flogging men in public who tries to misbehave with women.

"Holy shit she flogged me"

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Three men arrested for Blowing up Firefly in Denver by FBI

US: As the news spread that there has been a terrorist attack at the Federal Building in Denver,panic spread among the local population. The people started looking toward sky to see if there was any plane coming their way. But luckily for the people, there was no such plane.

On getting the information, FBI, the home agency for Homeland Security swung into action to trace the source of this terrorist activity. They assumed that this terrorist action must have been planned in either Afghanistan or Pakistan. But as always happens with the FBI, they were wrong this time too.

Upon investigation, they found out that three local youth were responsible for this incident. The FBI arrested a 24-year-old Colorado man on charges of making false statements to federal agents in this terror investigation, and for providing false documents to receive training and weapon from al-Qaida in Pakistan.

Najibullah Zazi of the Denver suburb of Aurora was arrested late Saturday after undergoing three month of questioning by the FBI. Zazi, who happens to be of Afghan origin is legal permanent resident and will be prosecuted for blowing up firefly in the sky.

Also in this investigation, were Zazi’s father was also arrested along with one of their friend from NYC.

All this happened because Zazi made a trip from Denver to NYC in a rental car. FBI source informed that whenever someone makes such a long trip, criss-crossing America in rental car, they come under their firefly net of investigation. During search, Zazi’s car, firefly spray and other insecticide were also searched.

At the time of reporting, FBI is keeping everything close to their chest and not revealing anything to the media.

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Bushy Bushy win Nobel for WMB

Stockholm: US Bring another Laurel to the Country! Ex US President Bushy Bushy has been conferred with NOBEL PRIZE FOR WMD at Stockholm along with other Nobel Prizes. From this year onwards, Nobel WMD Prize is being constituted to encourage mainstream people to develop new Weapons which can kill million of people across the world in second.

Bushy Bushy has been chosen by a Jury of eminent WMD ring leader and think-tanks in this Industry such as Kim of South Korea, Saddam of Iraq, President from Iran, Pakistan, Libya etc.

Bushy Bushy in his acceptance speech thanked the WMD leader and promised that if he is re-elected as President of United State, he would develop more such weapon and destroy every human being from the face of earth.

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